DTK-Mobile RZ, also called DTK-RZ or simply RZ is a Professional Gaming Smartphone from DTK, that will be launched on May 2018 as a sequel to DTK RX (2012) and DTK RY (2015). Before this smartphone, in the Gaming gamma, there was DTK R4 (2016) and after there will be DTK RX2 (2019).

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Screen Rounded 16:9 OLED
Resolution 3200x1800p
Processor DTKG-4600 Mini
Back Camera 16MP, 4K, 25-500fps
Front Camera 5MP, 1080p, 25fps
OS Android 8.0

(upgradable to 8.1)

Security Fingerprint scanner

Face recognition

Voice recognition

Pattern or code

Memory 32GB



R.A.M. 6GB
Battery 3500mAh
Life off 815 hours (34 days)
Life Gaming 21 hours
Life Listening 50 hours
Price 32GB - 799€

64GB - 849€

128GB - 929€

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first phone from DTK since 2013 that runs Android.
  • This phone has not speakers on the bezels of the front. The speakers are included under the screen.
  • The fingerprint scanner on the screen could not be made, but the home button was considered necessary. As so, they decided to make a thin, not so sensible, physical home button on the front.
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