DTK Project Unio, stylized many times as UNiO, UN!O, UN1O or U N I O is a project created by DTK, with the goal of uniting every software [Android, Windows 10, MacOS and iOS] in terms of design and utility, so that most messages do not get lost. It's divided into 4 phases: Unio Alpha, Unio Beta, Unio1 and Unio2

Unio Alpha - Private concepts about design and goals

Unio Beta - Test phase limited to 150 people for each platform.

U1 - Official release of the versions of the OSs

U2 - Creation of a new OS.

Unio Beta (Versions) Edit

Submissions: Edit

From 31 March to 08 April, 150 users were chosen to test the versions for each platform.

They had to have Windows 10, MacOS 10.13, iOS 11 or Android 8 to participate.

The first 30 to submit themselves have the spot granted.

UB 1.001 / 18001 Edit

Launchdate: 12 April 2018

Operating Systems: Windows 10


> Centered HomeScreen

> New font called Comfortaa, instead of the originally planned "Evolve"

> QuickPass 1.0 System (detects your face and unlocks the computer)

Bugs, Glitches & Errors:

> There are no buttons on LockScreen other than "Return".

> Only the lockscreen is changed.

Gallery: Edit

UB 1.002 / 18002 Edit

Launchment: 13 April 2018

Operating Systems: Windows 10

Features and solved problems:

> Comfortaa is now completely used on the system.

> Options to turn on and off computer on the lock screen.

> Smaller text.

> Less information on the QuickPass 1.0.2


UB 18010 Edit

The first major update, to reveal major graphic changes.

Launchment: 16 April 2018

OSs: Windows 10

Features and solved problems ( for now )

> New toolbar.

> Return of widgets.

> Major importance to notifications.

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