The Ultraspeed "UnderLine" Metropolitan Train Project a.k.a. UnderLine and stylized as [_____]Project sometimes is a project supported by DTK created in 1978, with the original goal of uniting every Central European country through electric trains that could reach 1000km/h. In 1992 the project was expanded to every single spot of Europe and in 2001 to the whole world.

History Edit

The Idea Edit

In 1962, a British businessman called William SM, was tired of his business trips. He worked mainly on the top of Scotland, at the south of Italy and, sometimes, in Finland and the trips lasted many hours. As so, one day he had the idea to make electric trains that united Scotland to Italy at very high speeds. He started studying it and reached a way, in 1963, to finally make something reach up to 500km/h

Refusal of the Government Edit

In 1964, he made a reunion with the International Government of Technology to make that thing possible and showed his studies.

However, the government refused the project. It would cost millions to make tunnels under so many popular cities and it would be hard for every country to agree.

The Company Edit

But William never gave up. In 1966, he started a company called "WSM UltraSpeed Electric Trains" and got many parceries with other companies around the world. In 1971, a huge convention was made to decide the main starting spots for what would be called The European Electric Connection. Unfortunately, in 1975, William died, but the family continued the brand, changing it to "WSM UltraSpeed Metros".

Great Opening Edit

On September 1978, the Great Opening of the first 2 lines, who connected London and Paris, happened. It was an "Alpha" test, who only had 3 trains that reached 671km/h. It closed in October and in 1979 lots of new lines opened. The name was changed to World UnderLines.

WSM goes Bankrupt Edit

In 1983, WSM couldn't pay what it should to continue the metro. They tried donations, but it was not sufficient. Salaries were now smaller and less energy was wasted, but it declared Bankruptcy in 1984. As so, until 1986, they had to decide which company would lead the metro. Instead, a couple of other companies united to form the Global Metro Corp. Later, in 1992, they decided to unite all the Europe.

The Appearance of DTK Edit

DiTech, a recent company, bought the 21% of the metro in 1995 and 100% in 1998. They changed the name to just UnderLine and in 2001 they decided to reach the whole world.

In 2013, they divided the company and DTK-Undergrounds started owning it. It was because of DTK that they reached 2000km/h. That speed was only used on unpopulated territories.

Evolution of the map Edit

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